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Contributing to the Gradle Community Site#


Contributing to this site is easy! While we may not have many issues for newcomers, we welcome all contributions, big or small.

Many minor changes can be made directly from your browser. Just submit a pull request to the respective repository. On the rop right corner you can also see the Edit icons that will normally get you right to the content page.

For bigger changes, you can develop locally. Detailed instructions are provided below.

Communication channels#

Contributing Content#

Contributing to Gradle Cookbok#

See the Gradle Cookbook Contributor Guide.

Other locations#

The Gradle website is in the early stages of development, and we do not have fixed processes and practices yet. Just submit a pull request with your change. If you have any concerns, let's discuss them on Slack or in a GitHub issue.

Developing the site#

It is possible to deploy the site instance locally or inside a Dev Container. The latter is the recommended approach.

Technology under the hood#

The community site is built with MkDocs, MkDocs Multirepo Plugin, and Material for MkDocs. So, it uses the Python technology stack instead of Gradle, but on the other hand we're leveraging one of the most powerful documentation engines.

Setting up the environment#

Dev Containers#

This repository includes the Dev Container definition that you can use in Visual Studio Code or in IntelliJ Platform to spin up the local development environment. The same Dev Container is used for CI/CD, and it is the recommended way for local development.

Running locally#


  • Python3 and PiP (Python's package manager), recent versions
  • Linux, MacOS or Windows WSL-2 environment. Windows native may work but it is not tested.

For now, you need to install the dependencies:

pip install -r .devcontainer/requirements.txt
mkdocs build

Local development#

Once you have the ready to build environment, you can use mkdocs build to build the static site.

To do live development, use the following command to provision the site on http://localhost:8000/community:

mkdocs serve

Note that the Mkdocs Multi-Repo plugin is quite slow, and it may take up to 10 seconds to rebuild the website on configuration changes. If you develop the local part within this repository (design, content, etc.), you can run the build and the serve commands with the FULL_BUILD=false variable, e.g.:

FULL_BUILD=false mkdocs serve

Building the Cookbook PDF#

Run BUILD_PDF=1 mkdocs build to generate the PDF file in _site/pdf/cookbook.pdf.


This site is built and deployed by GitHub Actions. We have continuous delivery, so your patches will be delivered just a few minutes after the change is merged.