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Spread the Word

As any open source project, we rely on Gradle community members to share news and learnings on social media, blogs and other public channels. All content contributons are welcome!


Social Media#

When sharing on social media, consider using the #gradle hashtag or tagging Gradle directly. Our accounts are:

We also monitor the #gradle hashtag across major social media and blog platforms, and we will do our best to promote quality content there.

Community News on Slack#

On the Gradle Community Slack, we have a #community-news channel. Everyone is invioted to share their highlights there, whether it is a new presentation, blog, or a plugin release!


Gradle Build Tool has a Monthly Newsletter that is maintained by the team. This newsletter is formed based on the news we discover in the community channels. Every month, we also start a public Call for Proposals as a GitHub issue in gradle/community.

Gradle Fellowship#

The Gradle Fellowship are distinguished engineers from the Gradle community who, through collaboration and advocacy, encourage build tooling best practices. In addition to large scale community support, Fellows donate their time and talent to help the next generation of Gradle Fellowship members through direct one-on-one mentoring..

See the list of people on the Gradle Fellows Page.