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If you need help with Gradle Build Tool, its ecosystem or integrations, or with Gradle Build Scan, we have a gradle-community workspace on Slack. The same workspace is used for real-time technical discussions and contributions coordination. So, if you are interested in contributing to Gradle, join our Slack too!

The community Slack is intended to be a safe and welcoming environment, and hence the Gradle Code of Conduct applies to all participants and conversations on this resource.

Join us on Slack#

To join the Slack, you can get a sign-up link here.

Key Chats#

COMING SOON: Key channels overview

Best Practices#

Slack or other channels?#

We recommend using Slack as a channel for real-time communications that are relatively short term, and can be safely archived after 1-2 months. For other cases, other channels might be preferable:

  1. If you suspect a security issue in Gradle Build Tool, plugins, its infrastructure, or other components, please avoid discussing it in public. Follow the Gradle Vulnerability Disclosure Policy so that we can triage the issue and protect other Gradle users.
  2. If you want to report a confirmed and reproducible issue with Gradle Build Tool or other component, use GitHub Issues of the respective GitHub repository associated with the component.
  3. For getting feedback on large-size proposals that will take many months to implement, it is better to make proposals on Gradle Forums on Discourse: You can still use Slack to facilitate the discussion

Avoid direct messages for Q&A#

We operate in a public community and encourage sharing of information and feedback, so that everyone can benefit from the question and answer. We do not normally provide individual and private support in the community channels. If you need that, consider contacting one of the professional services providers.

Please abstain from sending direct messages (DMs) unless you have a confidential issue, for example, if you suspect a Code of COnduct violation, or want to discuss something personal. DMing someone with a generic question is not considered appropriate in the community, and regular misuse of DMs may be a subject for a Code of Conduct review.

The same recommendation goes for pending pull requests. It is better to send reminders in public group channels unless there is a specific reviewer or maintainer who took an action item.

Asking questions on Slack#

Most of the support requests are handled by volunteers. Hence, let's help them to navigate and respond to questions. And, as everywhere, please be kind and patient!

  • Use threads for discussions and responding to questions.
  • Avoid posting the same question on multiple channels. One channel is enough, and if needed to repost to another channel, post the link to avoid duplication.
  • Avoid sending welcome/hi messages without a question. We all try to be polite here, but you do not need to wait for an initial response before asking the actual questions.
  • To preserve the vertical space, in the first message, just briefly describe the problem. Put all details/samples/logs in the thread responses.
  • For short messages, use emojis when convenient: :+1:, :-1:, :ok:, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to edit an opening message or the context messages based on the discoveries It is better than reposting the whole message.
  • Do NOT ping to get an answer faster and avoid individual mentions, unless it is a very special topic that really needs an answer from specifically that person. It may easily take 1-2 days to get a response for a substantial problem.

Slack moderators may warn you and ask to amend the messages, and, in some cases, they may also edit or delete the messages as a last resort, for example, when they appear as spam.

Conversation Archive#

We use a free account, so the Slack history is limited to 3 months. To mitigate that, we keep the searchable Slack archive here.

You can also search across Slack history and multiple other channels on

Alternative Channels#

See the list of other community channels here